Martin RUSH Pin 1 CW (Free Shipping)

Martin RUSH Pin 1 CW
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    Martin RUSH Pin 1 CW

    This bright white-LED pin spot comes with two beam options for greater flexibility of coverage. Totally silent with an easy-to-adjust bracket, it works as the ideal mirror ball spot light or decorative table spot.

    • Bright white LED pin spot
    • 2 beam options
    • Flexible, adjustable bracket
    • Ideal mirror ball spot or table spot
    • Totally silent
    Tech Specs
    Length: 142 mm (5.6 in.) Width: 159 mm (6.3 in.) Height: 184 mm (7.3 in.) Weight: 1.1 kg (2.5 lbs.)
    Light source: 10 W Cree multi-chip cool white LED Beam angle: 7 or 11 Minimum LED lifetime: 50 000 hours (to >70% luminous output)* *Figure obtained under manufacturer's test conditions
    Housing: Steel Color(s): Black Protection rating: IP20
    Mounting: Adjustable bracket, surface or truss mount Orientation: Any Location: Indoor use only
    AC power input: 1.5 m cable tail w/o power plug
    AC power: 100-240 V nominal, 50/60 Hz Typical total power consumption: 10 W Power consumption figures are typical, not maximum. Allow for +/-10% variation.
    Typical Power and Current
    110 V, 60 Hz: 0.15 A, 10 W 230 V, 50 Hz: 0.1 A, 10 W Measurements made at nominal voltage with all LEDs at full intensity. Allow for a deviation of +/- 10%.
    Cooling: Convection Maximum ambient temperature (Ta max.): 40 C (104 F) Minimum ambient temperature (Ta min.): 0 C (32 F) Total heat dissipation (calculated, +/-10%, at full intensity): 35 BTU/hr.
    EU safety: EN 60598-2-17 (EN 60598-1), EN 62471, EN 62493 EU EMC: EN 55015, EN 55103-1, EN 55103-2, EN 61000-3-2, EN 61000-3-3, EN 61547 US EMC: FCC Part 15 Class A Canadian EMC: ICES-003 Class A Australia/NZ: C-TICK N4241
    CE ETL C US Intertek
    Included Items
    Mounting bracket
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    RUSH Pin 1 CW in cardboard box: P/N 90480010