CREST AUDIO CPX-900 Professional CPX Series Amplifiers (Free Shipping)

CREST AUDIO CPX-900 Professional CPX Series Amplifiers
Manufacturer: Crest Audio
Condition: New
Item #: CPX-900
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    The CPX is an affordable line of amplifiers geared towards MI and DJ markets. A tradition of great sound quality, flexibility and reliability is carried over into the Crest Performance series. Industry standard connectors and features make the CPX a great back bone for mobile sound systems, project studios, and many other applications. Musicians will also find CPX as the power amp of choice.

  • GCL Gain Comparator Limiting system
  • Rear panel defeat switch
  • Built-in Crossover
  • 150 Hz 24 dB per octave Linkwitz-Riley filter, tuned for subs
  • Individual in/out switches for Channels A and B
  • 1/4" daisy chain outputs
  • Input connectors--Barrier strip, Female XLR 1/4" TRS
  • Rear panel polarity switches for XLRs
  • Pin 2 hot
  • Outputs connectors:
  • Speakons for Ch A and B and Bridged mono
  • Binding posts for Bridge mode
  • Mode selector switch for stereo and bridged-mono operation
  • Two-speed DC Fan Power Specifications:
  • 8U stereo = 180W
  • 4U stereo = 300W
  • 2U stereo = 450W
  • 8U bridged = 600W
  • 4U bridged = 900W