CAD AUDIO VoxPop 6" Pop Filter on 14" Gooseneck (Free Shipping)

CAD AUDIO VoxPop 6" Pop Filter on 14" Gooseneck
Manufacturer: CAD AUDIO
Condition: New
Item #: Vox-Pop
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    Double-layer Acoustic Nylon is highly effective at extinguishing plosives.
    High quality metal construction gooseneck and stand clamp allows for precise placement
    Sonically Transparent
    The Acousti-Shield VoxPop VP1 was developed as an effective accessory for the home recording professional. When effectively utilized, it can substantially suppress plosives that may be present in a vocal performance. The VoxPop’s sonically transparent Double-layer acoustic nylon coupled with a trouble-free design results in an easy to use, highly effective device, while not sacrificing stand mounted stability.

    Length of Gooseneck : 14 inches
    Diameter of Shield : 6 inches
    Weight : 0.4 lbs

    UPC : 631922107029