CAD AUDIO 905R 11" Premium Shotgun Gooseneck (Free Shipping)

CAD AUDIO 905R 11"  Premium Shotgun Gooseneck
Manufacturer: CAD AUDIO
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    Line-Cardioid Mini Condenser Gooseneck Microphone
    The line-cardioid, quick-mount, miniature gooseneck
    condenser microphone is designed for speech and
    vocal pick-up. The line-cardioid polar pattern
    (Locus TM technology) is engineered to attenuate
    unwanted sources outside of the +/- 45 degree
    acceptance angle while effectively utilizing the
    Supersensitive TM technology to “zero-in”
    on the desired speaker. The 905R is appropriate for
    applications such as boardrooms, courtrooms, house
    of worship and anywhere a gooseneck microphone
    with optimal distance pick-up is needed. Matte
    black finish with an overall length of 11”.
    Windscreen and FM-2A XLR-F mount included.

    ?Operating Principal: Permanently-Biased Condenser
    Polar Pattern: Line-Cardioid
    Frequency Response: 70Hz 18KHz

    Sensitivity: -15dBV (0.18 Vrms) @ 1 Pa
    Impedance: 150 ohms

    Max SPL: 111dB
    Self Noise: 18dBA

    Power Requirements: P12, P24, P48, 2mA