AMERICAN AUDIO MCD-710 Dual MP3/CD Player (Free Shipping)

Manufacturer: American Audio
Condition: New
Item #: MCD-710
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    MCD-710 Dual MP3/CD Player

    Features: Track listing of MP3 songs by artist and title, Advanced Cueing, searches MP3 tracks by the frame, Easy-to-read bright fluorescent VFD display, Folder Search feature, organize tracks by folder & call up a search of each folder, Seamless Loop, Tempo Lock (Master Tempo), Auto BPM Counter, and an on-board Bop, Smaller and more compact size, 2 rack spaces, Weight: 12 lbs. Adjustable pitch control of +/-4%, +/-8% or +/-16%, Electronic shock protection, Flip Flop (Relay Playback), Fader Q Start, S/PDIF digital output, Player Unit Dimensions: 12” L x 19” W x 3” H, Controller Dimensions: 4” L x 19” W x 3” H.